Project Details

Project Story

Heather Tomasini is as passionate about food as she is about travel. And what better way to marry the two then to create a business that explores both to the highest level! Hence, Autentika Food Travel was born. Knowing that she needed a website that would quite literally illustrate the phenomenal food and breathtaking locations of her Mexican destinations, she called on me to help her build a site that would do just that. She also needed to be able to handle online bookings, destination information, a blog, etc. I recommended Squarespace since it could easily handle all these requests and be very easy for her to manage on her own. I was then able to handle the backend design and coding to pull together a site that was perfect for her and her client's needs.

As well as creating this beautiful site, I also collaborated with her husband and fellow artist, Matthew Keever, to design a logo that embodied the colorful style and culture of Mexico.