Project Details

  • Client: Hewlett Packard Inc.
  • Online: hp.com

Project Story

On many occasions, Hewlett Packard would request forms to be available at tradeshows and events to get attendee feedback and information. Many times, these forms would need to be available as both a print-ready document and digital to be filled out online. Previously, they would be created as two separate forms which cost extra time and money to produce.

With that in mind, I was able to create a single form that could be used interchangeably. Using Adobe InDesign and Acrobat, I created form fields, check boxes, radio buttons, etc. that could easily be filled out either online or manually. The ease of sending the document digitally was both appealing to the sender as well as the person filling out the form. They could simply open the document in Acrobat, fill it out online, and immediately send it back to the sender--completed. If, however, the form needed to be filled out manually at an event then the exact same form could be printed and all the form fields, check boxes, etc. would remain intact. Nothing would need to be altered or changed.