Project Details

  • Client: Contentiful Strategies, LLC (formerly Summit Publication Design, LLC)
  • Online: contentiful.com
  • Project Management: Donna Creason, CF APMP

Project Story

Donna Creason is an incredible strategist and content manager. As owner of her own publication design company, she approached me to see if I would be interested in laying out this book for her client. Having previously worked together at a marketing agency for several years, I jumped at the opportunity to work with her again and to tackle a project of this scope.

She handled the project management side of things while I concentrated solely on cover design and interior layout of the book. Front and back covers were created using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign while the interior was produced via InDesign. Extensive nested styles and GREPs were needed to maintain consistent styling throughout the book. Hierarchy of headings, subheads, bulleted lists and pull quotes were easily managed thanks to a robust collection of Paragraph and Character Styles.